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*(From Easter to October)

Welcome to Hostel Alfonso II, new hostel in Melide. It is situated in the center of Melide,  150 meters from the church and the historic center and 200 meters from the leisure and commercial zone.

Tribute to the King Alfonso II, King of Asturias (791-842). He was a key figure in the history of the Camino de Santiago. Legend puts he in the way, when he was noticed about the discovery of the Apostle’s body.

A small community of Agustinians was placed where was the holy finding. This was the first nucleus of what would later be settled Compostela. The same Alfonso II realized the prodigious event to Charlemagne, and the news then spread rapidly throughout Europe.

This is what is reported in the Codex Calixtino, written by Aymeric Picaud. Alfonso II ordered the construction of a temple dedicated to the Apostle.

The figure of Santiago helped the Christians to recover their domains and convert Compostela in the main focus of spiritual attraction of the Kingdom of Asturias-Leon, and soon throughout Europe.

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